I created Mahogany Soul Natural Hair Salon just for YOU. I am obsessed with locs, curly hair and big huge afros! I have been a natural hair stylist for 19 years and I am curently semi- retired traveling the world. I am so glad to own a natural hair salon in Washington that caters to your every curly hair need.

start of my loc journey carolyn savage 2

This was the start of my 4th loc journey in 2010. I really like the way my starter locs look. I comb twisted them very small for fullness. This is probably my favorite color. As you see I was very happy with this look, I actually like this phase lol

carolyn savage locs 1 month

The beginning of my loc journey. Month 1. This was 2010. Love, love, love this look! I was headed out to see Jeezy lol, thought I was too cute.

carolyn locs 2010 2 months

Still month 1, but I thought I was so damn cute at a Lauren Hill concert lol.

carolyn savage loc journey 6 mos_

Month 8 or 9. See the fullness, that is what I was looking for when I twisted my locs so small. They were just starting to stay together but no budding yet. My hair locs very slow, it took a full year to start budding. The locs in the front didn't loc until 2 years, I finally gave in and interlocked them intead of palm rolling.


2 years


2 years

carolyn savage loc 3 years mahogany soul natural hair salon

Three years into my loc journey, patience is a virtue. July 2014

carolyn savage locs mahogany soul

Year 6! Wow, I couldn't beleive I actually hadn't cut my locs off yet. This color was fun!

carolyn savage blue hair seahawks

Year 8, 2017 I love to change my color. I am finally letting it grow

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