The Best Protective Styles Without Extensions

What Can Happen When You Choose To Do Certain Protective Styles?

An issue with a lot of protective styles is that once it is installed people tend to neglect their hair. This is most common when the hair is in braids/twist extensions and crochet braided. If the natural hair is hard to get to it is impossible for it to be ; a lot of women will unfortunately opt out of healthy hair for the style. Without the use of extensions it is easier to access your own hair allowing you to keep your hair moisturized and healthy which is important for hair growth.


Breaking of the hair can occur when your hair has been pulled too tight and manipulated to create a certain style using synthetic hair. Most common is the edges when too much extension hair is used on fine hair. Traction alepicia is caused by repeating these styles over time.


When curly hair is untouched for a long period of time it allows the hair to tangle. This often happens with braided or weave extension styles that are left in over two months, the hair starts to tangle and mat in some cases.

Because a style took a long time to install or cost a lot of money you may delay taking down the style. Meaning lots of women tend to leave in the protective styles longer than need be.


Due to the hair not being cared for and left untouched for an extended period of time allows the natural hair to become dry and brittle.

Protective styles to try

Styles like twist/ braid outs and flat twist updos with your natural hair will create far less stress to your hair compared to braid and twist extensions. When you refrain from styling the hair and manipulating it too much there is also less stress on the hair.

  • FLAT TWIST UP-DO'S:This style is good for you if you are very active and need a style up and out of your way. You can take the front out for a more flirty, fuller look.

  • TWIST/BRAID OUTS: This protective style is good for those who get bored with styles easily. Your hair will be twisted/braided and you can leave this in for a few days or a week if you like and then unravel them for a whole new look style gets a little older. You can wear a flat twist up-do for up to three weeks depending on your texture

CORNROWS: Similar to a Flat twist up-do this is a great style for an on the go woman. This style is also good for if you'd like to wear a wig every now and then to protect your hair.

Things to remember when having a protective style


Shampoo protective extension styles like weaves and box braids every two weeks, spray natural oils like Juju oil on scalp once or twice a week, clean scalp with witch hazel a natural astringent to clean scalp if you don't want to damage the style.

remember that you are protecting the hair not forgetting about it!


Women tend to get bored with their hair after a while and with a protective style that can be a major problem because you may leave it in for weeks. Remember leaving the style in too long can cause tangling and breakage. The amount of time that is healthy to leave in box braids, crochet braids or weave extensions is 6 to 8 weeks(yes!)

Low manipulation styles however give the curly girls the opportunity to change up their styles and avoid becoming bored.

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