The Big Chop

Thinking about doing the "Big Chop"?

Going natural isn't easy! The process of becoming natural is an emotional experience but that's OKAY, its all a part of the journey. The Big Chop is one of those steps that is not only intimidating for some but also a true test of self confidence. As a woman we tend to see our hair as a staple of our femininity, by doing the big chop you'll loose that and could make you feel exposed. Understand you'll see yourself different because your appearance will alter your appearance as well as force you to embrace other qualities about yourself that mat have gone unnoticed. Taking that new do with confidence and being empowered by it is the way to over come the insecurity. The video below will give you a peak into her big chop experience and the emotions she endured on her natural hair journey.

What Are The Benefits?


Cutting away all the chemically treated hair instantly leaves you with one texture to work with. Naturally your hair may have areas with different textures but with that being said the most opposite textures created by heat and chemical straighteners will be dealt with by doing a big chop. Women who choose the Transition route rather than the big chop often struggle dealing with two textures so this method eliminates all of that. You will have one texture to work with and style. Like I mentioned earlier naturally you may have textures that differ slightly in your hair but for the most part you'll get uniform results with your 100% natural mane.


Short natural cuts are very low maintenance and easy to care for. In most cases your styling routine will be cut down to minutes.

Shampooing and conditioning should also be quick and simple because now you spend less time on the combing and detangling.

No Worries

Washington weather is one the worst places to live for pressed or relaxed hair. When your hair is chemically straightened you become very concerned about rain and moisture effecting your hair. Once you big chop, you may find yourself "singin' in the rain" because water won't ruin your style. This may be a major relief for you because you're no long stressed about your hair due to the weather. In addition to no longer worrying about the weather forecast for the day, you can feel free to swim anytime because your do won't suffer from getting wet.

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