For the Love of Natural Hair... and Black Panther!

Shout out to Camille Friend y'all! There is no doubt that, the Head of Hair for Marvel's Black Panther, Camille showed some love to the natural hair community. #WINNING! She not only took her time to study traditional African natural hair styles but she also sought Iso from modern day naturalistas.

These hair styles that are showcased in Black Panther came with a regimen. The actors were treated with full service hair care from being "shampooed, conditioned, and did oil treatments in the trailor," says Friend in her interview with Ashley Weatherford for the Cut.

For example, the infamous Lupita has her own customized styles of knots featured in the film known as the "Wakanda Knots" ) which is very similar to "Bantu Knots". To create this style there was a mixture of love, Paul Mitchell's Foaming Pomade, and twists.

Listed below are some of the hair products used to achieve the hairs styles in Black Panther:

- Kerastase Nutritive Oleo-Relax Serum

- Mizani Scalp Care Soothing Serum

- Mizani Style 25Miracle Milk Leave-In Treatment

- Design Essentials Natural Twist and Set

- Leonor Greyl Serum de Soie Sublimateur styling serum

- Leonor Greyl L'Huile Secret de Beaute'

The signature shaved heads of the warriors in the Wakanda Tribe also require a lot of maintenance. Along with special shavers and trimmers, the actresses were serviced with ingrown hair treatments, hot steamy towels, and natural oils such as almond and jojoba oils to seal in moisture.

If you are a member of the natural hair community . . . why do you believe it is so important for us to witness this greatness? Personally, it gives me courage to rock my natural hair and feel comfortable with my texture, versatility, and roots. Whether nappy, bald, braided, locked, twisted, long, curl, kinky, oily . . . what ever ! My BLACK is beautiful

and so is yours sis!

Peace and Love

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