Go Green! Watch Your Hair Grow!

3 Veggies That Promote Hair Growth

I know you remember when your mom said "Eat all your vegetables" eeeeuuu. I use to hate it when she said that, why was that the night we were having peas for dinner lol. Well ,now that we all know "you are what you eat", You better go green and put more of these 3 veggies in your diet if you want to grow those natural manes/locs long and strong!

3. Spinach

Spinach is a healthy green vegetable that’s loaded with beneficial nutrients like folate, iron, and vitamins A and C, all of which may promote hair growth (11).

Vitamin A helps the skin glands produce sebum. This oily substance helps moisturize the scalp to keep hair healthy (12, 13).

A cup (30 grams) of spinach provides up to 54% of your daily vitamin A needs (11).

Spinach is also a great plant-based source of iron, which is essential for hair growth. Iron helps red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body to fuel your metabolism and aid growth and repair (14).

3. Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha Green tea powder is packed with antioxidants, polyphenols, and EGCg, so it is no wonder we are discussing what it can do for your tresses. It contains vitamin B also known as panthenol and by drinking the tea or applying it to your scalp matcha green tea helps to strengthen the hair. Many who drink the tea have found it to make their hair softer, shinier, and thicker. There is a hair growth mechanism with matcha green tea, so people suffering from genetic alopecia have found it to be beneficial

3. Avacodos

Avocados, my fav, They are delicious, nutritious and a great source of healthy fats. Perfect for smoothies.

They are also an excellent source of vitamin E, which may promote hair growth. One medium avocado (about 200 grams) provides 21% of your daily vitamin E needs (21).

Like vitamin C, vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps combat oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals.

Vitamin E also protects areas of the skin, like the scalp, from oxidative stress and damage. Damaged skin on the scalp can result in poor hair quality and fewer hair follicles (23, 24).

What’s more, avocados are a great source of essential fatty acids. These fats cannot be produced by the body, but are essential building blocks of your cells. A deficiency in essential fatty acids has been linked to hair loss (25).

hope you will add these three greens to your diet this summer to get those tresses growing longer and stronger. Let me know in the comments below what struggles you have with your natural hair journey.

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